Alabama Restaurant Feeds Anyone In Town Free Of Charge

 “‘Feed the Need’ is our mission statement.”

A little restaurant in a small Alabama town has no prices or cash register, but they are welcoming and feeding anyone in their town.

Alabama Restaurant

Drexell & Honeybee’s restaurant in the small town of Brewton, Alabama is one-of-a-kind restaurant. They are feeding everyone but they have no menu or suggested price. They don’t require anyone to pay a specific amount. The non-profit restaurant receives only donations from anyone who dines with them.

All the donations will then be used for food production for the following day. The food served changes every lunch from Tuesday to Thursday. They serve fried chicken, cornbread, and collard greens to anyone.

Once a customer is done eating his/her meal, they leave any amount they can in a private donation box. No matter how little you leave or if you just leave a “thank you” note for the owners, they gladly accept it.


Drexell & Honeybee’s

Drexell & Honeybee’s restaurant owners Freddie and Lisa Thomas-McMillan make no profit from their generosity, but they are rewarded with great joy.

They feel joyful knowing that their customers leave “with a full stomach, a full heart, and the understanding that you are loved and worthy of love.”


Lisa learned to be compassionate to others when she was just in second grade. She experienced compassion from one of her classmates who daily shared her sandwich with Lisa. At a very young age, she learned what compassion and love is.

“‘Feed the Need’ is our mission statement,” Lisa said in an interview. “Whatever needs people to have, if we can help them, we will.”

Despite the pandemic that hit Alabama, they never stopped reaching out to help.

“The end of June we figured out a way to do to-go orders and keep everyone safe. It is working out very well and we feel so proud to be able to do what we do. With COVID-19 affecting so many people… As you can imagine donations are down, but we will continue to try and be of service to all the people that come to our door.”

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